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Whiteline Front Endlinks Subaru WRX


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<p>The stock endlinks are weak and are not up to the task of aggressive driving with upgraded sway bars. Their job is to transfer the energy from the sway bar to the control arm. If the links are deflecting, you are not getting all of the performance from your sway bar. These Whiteline endlinks use a polyurethane bushing that will provide great performance without the noise found in metal bearing endlinks.</p>

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The kit utilises a high tensile extruded alloy link fitted with ultra low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings. Critical hardware is replaced with high tensile components to match the higher loads. The result is much more precise and direct roll control with up to 25% more effective bar rate available at lower wheel deflection points. This does NOT mean an outright increase in your bar rate but rather a quickening of its effect allowing more bar rate earlier. Link shape and bush mounts are designed to allow maximum sway bar articulation to ensure full suspension travel while acting more directly under vertical load. Standard length maintains correct sway bar operation.