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Powerstage CRTEK2 Subaru WRX STI 2008- 2014 self-installation kit


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1945.00 CHF

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Kit includes:
EcuTek Programming Tool

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We are now offering you the option to install our CRTEK2 yourself Your kit will be delivered with the options you selected along with an EcuTek Progammer and CH certificate. The preinstalled Software is so easy to flash on your controller. This is NOT a dynotune! Here you will find our tried-and-tested standart software, which our subdealers also have available. The CRTEK2 kit also contains the CH report for the MFK. Please note that the report is only valid with our Intake, Invidia exhausts from Kat and our software. When placing your order, please provide us with the chassis number as well as the type number of your vehicle. Please select your options under "recommended accessories".