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ORC 409 Nissan S14 SR20DET - Single Plate Clutch - 400ps


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Ogura Single Plate Clutch System ORC409D: 400ps/55kgfm

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Designed for lightly tuned performance cars. This series consists of a reinforced clutch system based on Ogura racing experience. Each vehicle application is designed individually based on the concept of strength & lightweight. 
The RC303 racing clutch system from OGURA is a standard item used by many car racing teams, and these teams depends on the RC303 clutch on their competition race cars to acheive victories. At OGURA Clutch, all high performance Ogura Race Clutch (ORC) systems are developed with the state of the art technology in automotive clutch materials & material processing. This is realized with the use of high quality super lightweight material while maintaining superior stength. All systems are designed using the Finite Element Method computer analysis. All ORC products are track tested to satisfaction on performance & reliability before releasing the product into the market. All ORC systems will transfer maximum power & torque of a high performance race engine through minimum effort on the clutch pedal, and will provide excellent feedback to the driver during ''heel & toe'' driving. 
ORC's 173 mm diameter small disk is suitable for torque transmission of 100kgfm & above. 
The ORC systems uses the driving-hub clutch system. 
The ORC system will improve the number of connecting shafts from 5 to 9 between the clutch cover, plate & flywheel. 
The ORC improve the mating of the clutch cover with the plates by using a circular disk rather than a pentagon shaped disk. The circular shaped clutch cover & plates distribute the sudden torque generated evenly and will prevent the deformation of the clutch parts. 
Slits are incorporated to the pressure plate & middle plate to dissipate heat, and protect them from warping due to excessive heat during hard driving. 
The parts in the ORC clutch system are checked for its reliability & durability for strength in simulation using sophisticated Finite Element Method Analysis computer software. 
All Ogura flywheel (ORC-FW) are designed specifically for each individual vehicle model. This is done via a thorough study of each engine model by collecting test & research data. 
All ORC-FW are designed to be strong as well as lightweight using forged using a high grade SCM435 Chrome-molybdenum steel. 
As per the ORC systems, all ORC-FW are tested for their strength & durability using the Finite Element Method Analysis.

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