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GT86 / BRZ Trackpack


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When you take your GT86 or BRZ to the racetrack and push the limits there are 2 things you should really take care of! The FA20 produces a very high amount of heat under hard driving and heats up your engineoil pretty quick! Another issue is the blow-by the FA20 has, which results in oil in your intake.To take care of those issues we no offer our Track-Package! Our GT86 / BRZ Track Package contains:
- Mishimoto Oilcooler Kit
- CR Spec Oil-Catchtank
- P3 VIDI Gauge
Our catchtank is selgdraining and recircles the blown oil back into the oilpan. Works on NA and turbocharged FA20's! A must have for trackday use!

Hersteller: Chip-Racing

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