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Castrol Transmax Dex 3 Multivehicle


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Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle is a versatile automatic transmission fluid that is also suitable for power steering systems. It can be used wherever a Dexron II/III or Mercon automatic oil is required, such as on GM vehicles before 2005 and Ford between 1983 and 1996. Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle can be used in a wide range of European commercial vehicles and in various power steering systems. CAUTION: Not suitable for applications requiring Mercon V, Mercon SP or Dexron VI.

- Many manufacturer approvals for a wide range of applications with ease of stocking.
- High thermal stability prevents deposits and oil thickening resulting in longer oil and gear life.
- Improved coefficient of friction characteristics for optimum shift quality and efficient power transmission.
- High viscosity index guarantees stable viscosity over a wide temperature range and thus protects
- gearbox or steering aids optimally against wear.

Container size 1Liter