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HKS Super Hybrid Filter Nissan Z33/Z34

[HKS 70017-AN004]

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HKS Super Hybrid Filters are direct replacement panel filters designed to fit into the standard factory air box. Using a 3 layer dry filter, the super hybrid filter separates and catches dust particles within the air and optimises air flow direction through the filter.

Hersteller: HKS

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The new 3 layer filter system catches larger dust particles with the first layer and smaller particles are filtered out by the 2nd polyurethane layer. This has allowed increased filter life over previous models. Improvements were also made to the way the layers are attached to each other allowing for improved air flow.
The frame has been strengthened so as to not distort even in high power applications. The design of the top edge of the frame has been further improved to increase air flow into the filter and by using a ''separate shield frame'' structure, the frame lip seals tightly against the air box without the need for a separate rubber ring improving the products environmental impact. The two part filter frame structure allows simple replacement of the filter element when it is time to replace the filter. Reusable filters which can be cleaned cannot always restore 100% of its air flow properties whereas new replacement elements can. HKS believes that this is therefore the best method to ensure maximum performance from the air filter every time it is serviced.