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CRTEK Flexfuel Upgrade Nissan GTR


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<p>Our Flexfuel Kit allows you to run E85 Bioethanol in your Nissan GTR without a mapswitch or any adjustments to the car. Simply fill up your gastank with E85 or Petrol or both. No need to run the tank as empty as possible before swithing fuel!<br><br>E85 has a higher octan content than normal petrol, allowing us to run a more aggressive ECU mapping. This produces more torque and power, results in earlier spool ans also reduces CO2 emissions since E85 burns way cleaner than petrol.<br><br>You can find more details&nbsp;<a href="http://www.chip-racing.ch/en/car-tuning/chip-racing-tuning-know/flexfuel-e85-chip-racing/" data-mce-href="http://www.chip-racing.ch/en/car-tuning/chip-racing-tuning-know/flexfuel-e85-chip-racing/">here</a></p>

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