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ARP Nissan SR20DET Mainbolts


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ARP Nissan SR20 DET Main Studs crankshaft

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Replace your stock main studs with ARP heavy duty main studs. These main studs offers superior clamping force under high boost applications. A good upgrade when doing an engine rebuild or building a race motor. This kit comes with studs, nuts, and lube.
Note: Although this kit is designed for the SR20DET engines, on certain motors there are two studs on the rear driver's side that do not fit correctly (closest to the flywheel on the driver's side). They can be too long for the upper oil pan and protrudes into the pan itself. Proper cutting/shaving of the studs will be needed to ensure enough clearance. Always check for clearance of the upper oil pan and the block before applying liquid gasket maker or torquing down the bolts. If these precautions are not taken, the upper oil pan will either crack, bend or break resulting in excessive oil leaks near the rear main seal